Business Growth Challenge

Are you ready to be challenged?

Are you serious about growing your Self & your Business?
Come and join us for a great Kick-Start!

A free 17 Day Growth Challenge with daily, doable tasks in a supportive environment!

You will receive a task each day to grow your Business. 
17 Days that will make a big difference!

Are you in?

I am curious to get to know you!
Happy regards

PS: They feedback from the Business Owners who have already gone through these 17 days has been heartwarming! Have a read what some of the over 70 participants of the first round had to say:

"Thank you Marie Alessi what you have inspired in wise is amazing...BUT WAIT..... What you have inspired in me personally is truly amazing..I have taken the first steps to overcome a crippling fear that I have had for over 40 years..on Monday..thanks to your 17 day challenge..I did it.xx"

"I see everything clearer since the challenge, its opened my eyes up to different choices which I'm researching and looking into, the biggest obstacle was doing the finances, and I'm looking forward to doing the business plan workshop with you, I'm definitely excited"

"I just wanted to thank you again for your time with the 17 day challenge it was fantastic! Thanks so much Marie! 😍😘"

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